By: Larissa Nicole Rogers

There are invaluable yoga therapy series that are taught to yoga therapists world-wide by master yoga teacher, Aadil Palkhivala. Here, we focus our attention on two.

The first series, Spinal Regeneration and Anti-Aging, focuses on healing the spine. The second series, Hip-Opening Series with Traction, focuses on healing the pelvis and hips. Both of these series of therapy techniques are administered by a yoga therapist to the individual on a yoga wall, and they are potent healers for Anyone!





The Pathway of Health
The spine is the pathway through which all other systems of the body are nourished. By regenerating the health of the spine, through passive inversion and assisted range-of-motion therapy, we restore a youthful state of healing to the organs and tissues of the body and brain. Back pain disappears over time, as the spine, itself, is repaired, and the pain and suffering from most chronic illnesses can be reduced or healed entirely. 

Who Benefits?
You do. By receiving on-going treatment sessions on a yoga wall by a qualified yoga therapist, the detrimental effects of age, poor posture, shallow breathing, etc. can be exponentially reversed. Add higher consciousness to your nutrition intake, continue a regular yoga practice, and learn mindfulness & healing meditations that can be practiced daily to increase the benefits even more.

Sitting for hours a day?
Working at your desk or computer, driving in a car, or spending too much time on the couch all contribute to what I like to call Chronic Sitter’s Syndrome. Sitting long hours, day in and day out, causes the spine to degrade much quicker, and ages the body and organs prematurely. Sitting causes the hips to suffer deeply, as well, with extreme loss of tissue hydration, flexibility and oxygen circulation. Forward flexion, backwards extension, and internal / external rotation of the hips are drastically decreased. Over time, this can lead to knee and ankle problems and joint-replacement surgery; circumstances best avoided.

Runners / Cyclists / Tri-Athletes
If you put in the miles every week, you’ve almost certainly begun to feel the compounding effects. These series on the yoga wall are amazing for those who experience a lot of jolting compression to the spine and neck, and who experience extreme tightness and injury in the hips & legs.


© Larissa Nicole Rogers


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